VMA Connect

VMA is a multi-media video shopping platform that combines interactive video with shopping.  Our content comes preloaded with options you can purchase while you watch. 

Revolutionizing shopping entertainment one VMA at a time.

Key Features

+ Interactive content, allow buyers to shop directly through video or browse products while listening to their favorite music 

+ 2nd Screen Interaction via OTT Interactions. Save video clips of your favorite products while watching on the big screen.  All content can be viewed via Chromecast, VMA Roku App, VMA Apple TV App & VMA Amazon Fire TV App.

+ Share product videos for discounts Save your favorite products then create and share videos for shopping discounts

+ Patent pending One-click checkout.  Seamless purchasing process.  Find and save your favorite products then hold the screen to purchase

+ Channels represent a directory which support movies, series, artists and entertainers.  Channels allow complete video, music and image consumption & distribution

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